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  • Our Story

    My name is Robert Evans, I am the inventor and founder of The DoorGym. Thank you for visiting our website. Our goal is to make getting a fantastic workout easier and more affordable than ever before.

    After studying Biology in college with plans to go to medical school, I began to understand that the best medicine is exercise. This is something that I learned firsthand as I had been working as a personal trainer for nearly 10 years when my little brother Paul, who struggled with mental illness, took his own life in 2016. 

    It had been obvious that when I took him to the gym with me he always felt much better after. I blamed myself for not doing more and fell into a terrible depression. It was exercise and not medication that lifted me out of it. I soon began looking at ways to go beyond one on one training in order to help those like my brother, who may not have access to a personal trainer.

    My mom was also struggling with depression and took a very bad fall, fracturing her spine and making it impossible for her to go to the gym. As I began learning more about strength training for seniors, I was shocked to find out that the number one reason the elderly move into nursing homes is losing the strength to do basic things such as using the rest room. I knew that with my background, I needed to do something about this.

    I discovered a void in safe and affordable home workout equipment options for seniors and decided I had to create a new type of product. I bought a heavy duty sewing machine and began making prototypes. After years of testing different materials and configurations, I came up with The DoorGym and I’m happy to say that my mom has made a full recovery. Here she is practicing an assisted squat.

    The DoorGym is not only great for seniors but for everyone who wants a better way to workout at home. From physical therapy to elite athletic training, the safety and security that The DoorGym provide make things easier, more accessible, and more affordable than ever before.

    We have an app with over 300 guided video exercises which will be on Apple and Android stores very soon. You will receive an invite to download it with your purchase.

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