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Choosing a door

The DoorGym will fit on doors sized 6'7 - 7' (200.5 - 213.5 cm)

Yes, hollow core doors have solid wood frames.

This is very different from doors like light weight closet doors which are completely hollow.

It is important to make a distinction between hollow core (solid wood frame) and completely hollow (no solid frame, such as light weight closet doors), which we do not recommend.

If you live in an older home and have hollow core doors that are shorter than 6'8, you may need to move The DoorGym next to the door hinges because there will always be a solid frame there. This is necessary in cases where your carpenter sawed off the top or bottom of the frame - and did not take the time to rebuild it - in order to make it fit. You can usually tell by feeling and knocking on the top and bottom of the door in order to tell if there is a solid piece of wood there.

See our Set Up Page for additional information.

The weight limit of The DoorGym itself is over 500 lb. We have a recommended user weight limit of 300 lb.

The true weight limit completely depends on the type of door you are using. This is why we recommend putting it on a door that pushes away from you first and foremost. This way when you are pulling on The DoorGym, you are pulling into the framing of the building.

Solid doors with deadbolts also work well when putting it on a door that pulls toward you. If it does not have a deadbolt, this reduces the weight limit of most doors. In this case, we recommend moving The DoorGym closer toward the hinges which are typically much stronger than the latch and also avoiding putting your full body weight on it.

The DoorGym offers exercises from 2.5 lb resistance to the full body weight of the user. It's important to follow our guidelines and choose a door that can support the exercises that you are doing. If you have any questions feel free to give us a call or send an email to

We used the highest quality material available, it has a remarkably high abrasion resistance. In the extensive testing we have done over the past three years, any abrasions we have seen were easily removed with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. A towel rack is far more likely to leave marks on your door than The DoorGym is.

Make sure to follow our instructions when installing it on a hollow core door. See our Set Up Page for more information.


Yes! The material fits in the space between the door and door frame.

While The DoorGym was specifically designed to be safe for seniors to use, some individuals will need help setting it up. It takes about 15 lb of pressure to tighten the ratchet buckle fully. Once it is set up, it will be always be there for them.

Once you are familiar with the product, most people can set it up in one to two minutes and take it down in less than one minute. The first time you set it up will take between ten to twenty minutes as you watch our set up video and learn how everything works.

Working Out

It depends on the exercise, about 70% of our exercises require at least five feet of space. There are ways to accommodate many exercises into smaller spaces by shortening the bands and straps or attaching the handles directly to The DoorGym. See our set up video for a demonstration of this (8:23). A handful of mostly advanced exercises require ten to twelve feet of space.

If it is at the end of a hallway, you should be able to perform about 90% of the 300+ app exercises with the exception of more advanced exercises requiring significant lateral movement such as Jumping Skaters and Sliding Curtsy Lunges or those where your arms are fully stretched out if your arm span is wider than the hallway.

If it is in the middle of a narrow hallway, it will really limit the total amount of exercises you can do. You can still perform assisted squats attaching by the handles directly to The DoorGym as well as most physical therapy exercises.


We made everything that we could in America. The material used to make our door anchor and suspension straps is sourced in Alabama and South Carolina. It is shipped to Strapworks in Eugene, Oregon where they sublimate our Camoflauge units and build all of our door anchors. Our suspension straps, bags and phone holders are built here by us in our warehouse in Sumner, Washington. Our bands, handles, and core sliders are made in China. We package and ship orders from our warehouse in Sumner, WA.


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