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  • Senior Stability - Only $99

    Muscle atrophy leads to devastating consequences for seniors and is easily preventable with simple strength training exercises. The DoorGym Senior Stability makes assisted squats and other essential strength training movements for improved bone density, balance, and stability safer and easier than ever before.

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    Senior Stability Plus - $149

    Builds on the Senior Stability package by adding a heavier band for progressive strength training, the award winning Better Band which is a fantastic tool for improving hip stability and squat form, and a super high quality travel and storage bag which can live on your door and ensure you never misplace your equipment.

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    Functional Fitness Packages - Starting at $179

    Comes with Suspension Straps and Core Sliders, great for metabolic strength and and conditioning. Available with beginner, intermediate and advanced band packages. (Intermediate package shown)

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    Functional Fitness Plus Packages - Starting at $209

    Builds on the Functional Fitness Packages and adds the award winning Better Band for enhanced core strength and hip stability. (Advanced package shown.)

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