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  • Last step - customize your doorgym!

    Pink on White

    • Simple bodyweight and resistance band exercises
    • Lifetime strength and independence
    • Works in tight spaces like hallways
    • Balance, flexibility and mobility training
    • Great for travel - easy to set up and take down
    • Door anchor made in USA from highest quality non-abrasive material
    • 7 robust anchor points
    • Premium ratchet buckle, keeps strap secure, doesn't slip or jam
    • Ratchet buckle cover with phone holder, made in USA
    • Handles for stability and grip strength
    • Light band with resistance range of 2.5 - 10lb
    • Large carabiner for shortening bands and bilateral exercises
    • Standard DoorGym model fits on doors between 6'7 - 7' (200.5 - 213 cm). Over 95% of American doors fit in this range as the standard American door height is 6'8.
    • SHORT model fits on doors between 6'2 and 6'8 (188 - 203.5 cm). If you live in an older home or outside the US, the Short Model may be a better option.
    • High quality, remarkably non-abrasive strap material sourced and sewn in the USA
    • Door Anchor fits on doors between 6’7 and 7’0, see our set up page for more information
    • 7 anchor points from top to bottom of door with a tested break strength of over 1,000 lb
    • Opens and closes with your door
    • Secure phone holder for viewing over 300 guided video exercises from beginner to advanced using The DoorGym complimentary app
    • Suspension Straps are adjustable from 36 to 54 inches with handles attached
    • Compatible with virtually every type of physical therapy and resistance band
    • Rubber Handles with textured grip and carabiners
    • Heavy duty, triple stitched, nylon drawstring bag that holds all equipment when not in use or traveling
    • Dual sided Core Sliders great for hardwood, tile, linoleum and carpet
    • One year replacement warranty on all products and 30 day return policy

    Frequently Asked Questions


    They both cost significantly more and take longer to produce. The process of heat sealing every webbing cut and stitch takes much longer with white webbing to minimize and remove burn marks. Our Camouflage webbing is white webbing that is sublimated into camo colors.

    The webbing we use is non-absorbent and easy to clean. With that being said, the white is meant to be put on interior doors. If you are putting it on a garage door using it for travel for example, black is recommended.


    Most hollow core doors have solid wood frames around their outside. In the four plus years of extensive testing we have done, these have worked great unless the top or bottom of the doors frame was sawed off and not repaired to fit in a door jamb shorter than 6'8. (Standard American Door Size). If you aren't sure if your carpenter repaired the frame, move the door gym next to the hinges where the the framing remains. You can usually feel or knock on the top and bottom of the door to tell if it is hollow or solid. See the set up page where we provide visual examples.

    Some doors, such as light weight closet doors do not have said outer frames and are completely hollow and we don't recommend using these.

    Call or email us with any questions - 206.856.6460,

    Assuming a solid door frame, our recommended user weight limit is 300 lb.

    The true weight limit depends on the type of door you are using. This is why we recommend putting it on a door that pushes away from you first and foremost. This way when you are pulling on The DoorGym, you are pulling into the framing of the building.

    Solid doors with deadbolts also work well when putting it on a door that pulls toward you. If it does not have a deadbolt, this reduces the weight limit of most doors. In this case, we recommend moving The DoorGym closer toward the hinges which are typically much stronger than the latch and also recommend avoiding putting your full body weight on it in this case.

    The DoorGym offers exercises from 2.5 lb resistance to the full body weight of the user. It's important to follow our guidelines and choose a door that can support the exercises that you are doing. See our set up page for more info and remember we have a 90 day money back guarantee if you decide it won't work.

    If you have any questions feel free to give us a call at 206-856-6460 or send an email to

    After working successfully on thousands of doors, we have only had a small handful of returns based on the customer's realizing their doors won't work.

    We used the highest quality material available, it has a remarkably high abrasion resistance. Any abrasions we have seen were easily removed with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. A metal clothing rack is far more likely to leave marks on your door than The DoorGym is.

    When using a metal door, feel the edges of the door, if they are not smooth and rounded do not use it. A metal door with sharp or jagged edges may eventually saw through the webbing.

    As mentioned above, another issue is with hollow core doors that were installed in older homes with door frames shorter than 6'8. The standard American door size is 6'8. If a carpenter installed hollow core doors, they probably sawed off the doors solid wood frame on the top or bottom of the door. You can usually tell if the frame was repaired by feeling or knocking the top and bottom of the door. If you can't tell, make sure and put the DoorGym by the hinges where the solid frame remains.

    Doors and door frames that are made from a cheaper composite material or plywood may begin to fray.

    Lastly some doors have metal brackets around the outside of the door and door frame which slide into each other to close the door. The DoorGym will not work on these doors because it will prevent the brackets from sliding together.

    Set up

    Yes! The material fits in the space between the door and door frame.

    It takes about 15 lb of pressure to tighten the ratchet buckle. Once it is set up, it will be always be there for them.

    Once you are familiar with the product, most people can set it up in one to two minutes and take it down in less than one minute. If you are unfamiliar with ratchet buckles, the first time you set it up will take between ten to twenty minutes as you watch our set up video and learn how everything works.

    The Senior Stability and Senior Stablity Plus Models work great in narrow hallways.